About Us

Driving is one of the most dangerous activities that we all partake in daily. A lot of things can happen on the road and having proof of what exactly happened can make a huge difference at times. Insurance frauds, road rage, and scams can all happen while on the road and the more protected you are the better. 

This is why a couple of insurance professionals decided to create a product that can help people record and prove what exactly happened while driving. The insurance guys formed a team of engineers from across the world that built an incredible dash cam called ExclusiveDashCam together. Their expertise and dedication to making something good yet affordable paid off. Together they made one of the best dash cams on the market. Not only does it record in HD, but it is also incredibly lightweight and easy to mount. 

For this reason, ExclusiveDashCam has won a lot of awards and praises from reviewers and customers alike. It’s no wonder that its popularity is constantly growing. To see where all the hype is coming from, order your own ExclusiveDashCam and make your daily commute that much safer!